Air Conditioning Repair McDonough Ga

How to repair your McDonough air conditioning problems

While Honolulu has more sunny days than Atlanta there is a good reason they call it HOTlanta.

  • Hot
  • Sticky
  • Humid

JSC Enterprises Heat and Air  tells us that down in the south people have their tech that does ac repair in McDonough Ga on their speed dial!

Can you even imagine living without air conditioning in summertime?

Air conditioners make sticky summers bearable. Finding out that the AC isn’t functional can put you in a dilemma. It can be quite upsetting on a long hot summer night.

What can you do to repair your air conditioner?

Here are a few DIY tips.

  • The first thing you must do is to check if your breaker is working. If the circuit breaker trips you are not going to be able to turn it on.
  • Is it a window AC unit? Make sure it is plugged into the electrical wall socket.
  • Make sure you have power at the wall outlet. Plug a radio into the wall and make sure it works. If it doesn’t check your circuit breaker again.
  • Never use an extension cord unless it is a heavy duty cord made to work with an air conditioner unit. This way you cam plug it into a nearby outlet that works. Do this as a temporary fix until you can have an electrician repair the wall receptacle.
  • Next check your thermostat. can you hear a little click when you turn it on? If not you might need to replace your thermostat with a new one. Contact a qualified air conditioning technician to do this so you don’t short out the wires.
  • Go outside and clean all the dirt and leaves that might have built up around your ac unit. Then wash it off with a garden hose.

Call an ac repair man in McDonough for a free quote

So what do you do if it still doesn’t work? Contact a professional ac repair man to come by and look at it for you. Certain jobs are not DIY projects for homeowners.

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